About us

Enphosol Limited is initiated in 2023 with clear emphasis in software development, website designing, graphic designing, Network Installation, software/hardware supply, digital Marketing and consultations in different fields utilizing Information Technology. It is officially registered as a Limited company. Aims to provide quality orientated products and services to each and every client that it services.

The company’s youthful passion promises longevity in innovative service provision. Enphosol Ltd aims to provide technology based solutions to enterprises, government, and other private and public organizations and the rest of the world.

Enphosol Ltd main office is located in Office 7209 182-184 High Street North, East Ham, London. With representatives in India.

Amit Singh

The creative mind of our Company and has more than 5 year experience in ICT with a strong background in Algorithmic designs, Cloud systems, Distributed systems, Data Centers, IT infrastructure, Software Development, Network, management and leadership. He has been the key personnel in many of our products mentioned. He is innovative and creative.

Knowledge and experience in programming and Databases: C++, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, VB.NET, Java, XML, MYSQL, SQLITE, Json, Word Press, Joomla, Drupal

Qualifications: Holds Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Maryam Davar

Maryam Davar handles our administrative tasks.

Dom Sinfield

As a Social Media and Animation Administrator at Enphosol, I use my graphic and motion design skills, as well as my digital marketing knowledge, to create and manage web and social media campaigns.


Our core business services spin around technology by definition we are ICT product and services providing company. Our aim is to be so focused on this specific I.C.T. area services which we deliver to you, through quality orientated, innovative and superior services.

Specialization: we have very well trained personnel in I.C.T who when put their skills together put Enphosol on a competitive edge.

Quality: we would like to ensure we develop products that meet specific needs of our clients but also ensure that customers are satisfied, we have personnel abroad specifically to check whether our services meet international standards.